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New Client Acquisition

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Brian Couture

Owner of BACwords Marketing Inc. and Law Marketing Specialist
"I will get you more quality cases for your law practice!"

We Are The Law Marketing Specialists...
We focus on doing one thing:
Getting you good local inquiries for your law practice,  and we do it very well.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"Since I started working with you, I have received a number of leads every month which has boosted my practice significantly. I can usually count on opening around 3 - 4 new files every month thanks to your system."

Daniel, Personal Injury Lawyer, Canada

"I've opened up 15 good cases in the first 3 month's I've been on your system..., and a couple of those cases have 7 figure potental...."

Mike, Personal Injury Attorney, U.S.A.

We Know How Get People In Your Local Area To Reach Out To YOU For Help With Their Case!

If you're asking "Why should I take the time for a 15 - 30 minute phone consultation?", let me tell you:

#1 It's completely free for you, just a little bit of your time. Even though the consultation is free, I can assure you that it's very valuable! That's because...

#2 I'll ask you some questions about you and your business so that I can get a feel of where things are at. Then...

#3 We'll come up with a plan on what you can do to get you more good, local inquiries for your law practice.

Why would I do this for free? Because it's how I get new consulting clients. That's because...

#4 After we come up with our plan, I'll ask if you want me to help you with it. If not, you can take the plan and use it as you wish. If yes, then we can start working together.

Ready to Talk to Us?

If you have an established law practice and you are spending at least $3,000 per month on marketing, we can typically help you get a great return on your marketing investment.
We guarantee you'll get inquiries from people needing help in your local area within 30 days.